Faq's - Frequently asked questions

What is the payment method?

JustIntern makes your payment easier. You pay the advanced stipend of your selected intern to JustIntern, who at the end of each month pays it to the intern.

Do I need to register to post a vacancy?

Yes, We're Invite only as of now. Invite: put in your mobile number at justintern.com/signup, enter the code received. Once you are registered, you can post vacancy.

What is the personality insight?

We fetch data from your facebook and twitter account and generate a personality score through artificial intelligence.

How is personality Insight beneficial for me?

Personality insight will make it easier for you to shortlist the candidate.

Is there any limit of posting internship per day?

No, there no as such limit for posting internship.

How to make changes in my profile?

Go to settings> edit. There you can edit your profile.

What if there is any mishap create by the student?

JustIntern is just a platform to connect company and the student, it will not be responsible for any misbehaviour of the student.

Is there any limit to hire students under one posting?

No, there is no as such limit for hiring students under one posting. You can hire according to your requirement.

Can I Postpone the time period for applying?

No, you cannot postpone the time period for applying.

Don't wish to continue with an intern, what can I do?

You talk with your concern Hr and if required can terminate the intern before the time period.

How to proceed after being selected?

After being selected by a company you receive an email, you approve to that and then join the company. Also, there is an option to reject the Internship program if you don't want to join.

Can I hire more than one intern?

Yes, You can hire more than one intern.

What if I don't pay?

If you don't pay the internship of the student won't start and he/she will not receive the certificate from JustIntern.