Frequently Asked Questions

How is Justintern beneficial for me?

JustIntern provides Easy Filtering of Internship Portal, Online Profile for showcasing your skills, project, certification, education and more, Guaranteed Paid Internship, Instant reach on facebook, twitter, and other.

How to register?

It is too easy to get yourself registered at JustIntern. We're Invite only as of now. Invite: put in your mobile number at, enter the code received. DONE!

How to search for opportunities?

Once you've registered yourself at JustIntern, it is quite easy to find Internship opportunities. Log in to your account then select your field of study, max duration and sort with various filtering options.

How to apply for an Internship?

After registering yourself at JustIntern, click 'check eligibility method.' or shortlist(to save it for later) to find an Internship related to your field. When you find Internships matching your field apply for that, remember, you can only apply for 5 internships a day, so be selective.

What is the duration of the internship?

You can find the term of the Internship at Internship details page; there you will get every detail regarding the internships.

Are all internship paid?

Every Internship through JustIntern is PAID! 2000 minimum to 100,000 a month.

Whom to contact in case of payment issues?

The payment will be done directly through the company to intern, if there is any payment related issue you may contact the company, JustIntern is not involved with the payment method.

What Payment has to be done to JustIntern?

After being selected, you get a time of three days to make payment to JustIntern, which is 20% of your stipend, no other payment is to be done to JustIntern.

What if there is any delay in making the payment to JustIntern?

If there is a delay, the agreement may get cancelled after 3 days. To avoid such circumstance contact to your concern company for the extension of the agreement date.

What is the interview procedure?

Once you get shortlisted by a company, JustIntern will notify you. Then the company will conduct an interview; it can be telephonic or in person.

How to proceed after being selected?

After being selected by a company you receive an email, you approve to that and then join the company. Also, there is an option to reject the Internship program if you don't want to join.

I cannot find internships related to my field. What do I do next?

You don't have to worry; we have something for every deserving candidate, just email us your resume at !

What is personality insight?

We fetch data from your facebook and twitter account and generate a personality score through artificial intelligence. This score helps you get noticed by the recruiter.

Is there any limit for applying per day?

Yes, there is a limit for applying. It is 5 internships per day. Be selective!

How to make changes in my profile?

Log into your account then go to "", there you can make changes in your profile.

I don't like the company I work for, what should I do?

You talk to your respective HR of the company. And if in any case, you leave the company you before the completion of the internship period you have to fill the feedback form provided by JustIntern.

Can I apply for more than one internship?

Yes, you can apply for more than one internship but can accept the proposal of any one company.

If I get selected for more than one company?

If you get selected for more than one company go with the company which is more beneficial for you. You can approve the application of only one company.