Our Mission, Journey and Work Culture


Even after completing hard years of graduation, student's are finding it tough to get a decent job in their field, Indian youth unemployment rate is projected to trend around 13.50 percent in 2020. We believe that Internships provide an add-on skills and experience; resulting in increment of being recruited which reduces unemployment.


We are trying to change the recruitment process, we never ask for marks or grades of the student in our profile, Instead we let recruiter's hire by taking the data from social media and convert into scores through artificial intelligence , congitive analytics, data science and big data.

How we started?

Our Journey started at VIT University, F Block Men's Dorm, where a random discussion on how underated Internships in India is, and how it can be fixed with technology.

We took up the challenge and worked hard over the years to build a system that believes in making things transparent, we want to be India's first paid Internship portal with where everything was crystal clear from both sides ie (employers and students)

VIT University F Block, Room Number 121

The Team behind JustIntern

Hirandani (Mumbai) - Foundation of JustIntern

Ajay Pragapati | Premjit Singh

From Mumbai to Ranchi

While working on the internship problem we discovered a simple yet efficient way to find out user content via user's digital footprint (social media), this break through came in after we discovered how internship portals, giving it yet another add on to our Internship Mission.

"Net is for everyone, and phsycial place is not an issue anymore"
We came to Ranchi to setup our website, and raise some seed fund, our initial days went mostly with the UX plan and Business Model Development, and when we felt we are ready, we launched first beta version on 12th May, 2017.

Since then we are going strong enough to reach the first goal of reaching 10,000 users at the first 6 months of being live, we are also looking forward to realease our mobile version soon!

Work Culture

We take internships seriously, and we've made sure that every single time a person joins us, he/she will have to join or internship program for atleast 2 months (depending upon your skills+experience).

JustIntern is a pretty chill place to work in, we take pride in being 'not so 9-5 kinda place", our working hours is 11am-6pm, with high speed internet,unlimited supply of maggi, and team presentations over a beer on saturday makes our lifes at justintern happy.

Team JustIntern | via yourstory

Not so candid shots

Where are we based?

We work from a small-little appartment like place in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Where we managed to put in bean bags, internet, coffee beans, and lots of great music to get us started with our mission and vission

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